Modernize Legacy Applications:


Improve Application Value & Revitalize Effectiveness

With rapid business changes happening at a constant pace in today’s world, applications are not keeping up with business demands. Many organizations are limited by technology that is not performing effectively. Typically these applications are outdated or no longer supported, limited in capabilities and unable to support growing business needs to become cutting edge.

For many organizations, the current state of legacy, mission critical applications is:
hindering them from entering new markets, scaling capacity to meet current business demands, adapting quickly to changing customer needs and realizing their full business development potential preventing them from global, shared access and reporting because of the use of disparate legacy systems incurring a high cost of ownership, including maintenance, fixes and IT resources
putting the business at risk if applications breakdown and appropriate resources are no longer available to support them Surviving in today’s marketplace calls for application modernization to move them to a usability level that aligns with the needs of the business for extendibility, scalability and cost management. Modernizing your legacy applications can make you more efficient, responsive and competitive.

AppSource Application Modernization Solutions will help you improve application value and effectiveness, reduce costs and improve performance.
We have a dedicated practice for application modernization to help our customers address:
newer business requirements or customer engagement models that don’t work with current legacy applications connection and integration with modern technologies – mobile devices, iPads, smart phones, tablets and social access from anywhere using the web end-of-life for legacy systems – where resources and competencies are not available for the old system, capacity is limited, the system can’t scale or be modified and/or the business’s capacity to sustain legacy systems limited a need to centralize disparate legacy systems and move to one single enterprise system a business need to leverage capacity more efficiently across different geographic locations data analytics with a centralized system to take all information available and create usable intelligence for more effective decision-making the ability to expand system access to broader audiences, in real-time globally, with a more modern approach to interfacing with the current system.

AppSource Applications Modernization Solutions will address your requirements with custom solutions, extensive IT expertise and industry specific knowledge to achieve your goals.

Application Modernization Solutions

At AppSource, we’re finding that more and more of the Fortune 1000 organizations we serve are telling us that application modernization is a “Top 10 Priority” for them today. AppSource provides end-to-end services to modernize and revitalize outdated legacy applications, improve under-performing applications, transition to new applications, adopt cloud computing or mobile capabilities and outsource managed services.

The right application modernization approach is essential. At AppSource, we see application modernization as a different approach than standard application development. It requires a more comprehensive, staged project approach and use of proven practices to make success a reality. Our team of highly experienced IT experts will work with you to de-risk the process at every step and migrate successfully without disrupting your business.

AppSource will help you re-architect or sunset your legacy applications (such as FoxPro, Visual Basic, ASP or others), develop new, modern applications (working with Java, .NET, PHP, Oracle and other more agile systems), address cloud, mobile or other initiatives to achieve your application modernization goals and reduce infrastructure and staffing costs with our managed services to maintain and support all of your legacy or other applications 24×7.
Our processes have been perfected over nearly 20 years of successful customer outcomes and we have developed a lean process that gets very effective results at a lower cost and improves application value for our customers. Our solutions include:

Comprehensive Assessments
With AppSource application modernization solutions, we conduct a comprehensive application portfolio assessment and evaluate your challenges with a business and technical focus. We provide a step-by-step assessment to take stock of and understand your applications, databases processes, environment and usage. Then, we will work with you to prioritize your modernization requirements for all of the applications involved. We’ll help you create a breakdown of critical requirements, wish list items, nice to have items, etc. to guide the development of your roadmap. We will also help you identify gaps in your operations and applications logic before you move forward. Plus, we’ll assess your current state, readiness for your desired state and what’s required to get you there.

Modernization Strategy & Roadmap

Application modernization projects are often most successful when implemented with a phased approach. AppSource will help you create and prioritize a functional plan along with a staged deployment roadmap tied to your business objectives. We will help you with evaluating your application portfolio, recommendations on application lifecycle management, creating sunset plans, prioritizing application modernization projects for your roadmap and evaluating which applications to manage and support with outsourcing.

Migration, Transformation & Modernization

Our application modernization solutions include extending the functionality of current applications, leveraging useful elements of existing technology and migrating them into new application(s) and completely rebuilding applications from the ground up. To implement your application modernization plan, we will migrate and transform your applications, databases, operation cycles and infrastructure. Modifications to essential legacy applications are typically achieved in parallel with the development of new or modified applications and completed in stages.

Managed Support

AppSource offers highly experienced, expert IT support to manage legacy and new applications. We deliver highly cost-effective, 24×7 options tailored to your business’s specific needs.